Mining Properties for Sale RSS en-us PHP/5.3.29 Mining Properties for Sale RSS PLACER GOLD/PLATINUM CLAIM $4000 Similkameen River near Copper Mountain All crown land; camp anywhere. Road offers access to within steps of the river. Over 1.2 km of frontage on both sides. Documented coarse gold locality. No major disturbance has taken place; the site features several inside bends and gravel benches above w ...]]> Tue, 10 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 TRANQUILLE RIVER Placer Gold Claim $3000 Excellent road access and underlain by crown land; camp anywhere onsite. 74,000+ grams have been mined with a wide range of fineness, up to 980. Approx. 800 metres of river frontage, per side ...]]> Fri, 06 Oct 2017 00:00:00 +0000 BONANZA BENCH Placer Gold Claims $2000/each or $3000/both Forest Road access on both sides of the river with excellent campsite options. Formal testing in 1988 revealed values up to 6.465 grams per ton gold from river gravels (Better Resources). Gold occurs as fines and flakes ...]]> Fri, 22 Sep 2017 00:00:00 +0000 SHEEP CREEK Placer Gold Claim for Sale $2000 Gold in bedrock upstream of the property, vnumerous and well documented past producing mines, prospects and showings; 600 metres frontage per sides; Great road access to the creek, only 500 metres from the mouth. ...]]> Mon, 11 Sep 2017 00:00:00 +0000 KIAKHO CREEK Placer Gold Claim for Sale $3000 for 100% 2007 drilling and assays confirm gold values beyond 10 grams per ton, and averages of 1.86 grams gold per ton. Intersected by a forest service road with numerous campsite options. 500+m creek frontage per side. ...]]> Thu, 31 Aug 2017 00:00:00 +0000
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